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The duet of “Don’t Cry Daddy” by Elvis Presley and his daughter Lisa Marie Presley is sure to bring tears to your eyes!

“Don’t Cry Daddy” is a classic country song originally recorded by Elvis Presley in 1969. The song tells the story of a father who comforts his children after their mother has passed away, and it quickly became a fan favorite.

In 1997, Lisa Marie Presley joined her late father on a posthumous duet of “Don’t Cry Daddy.” The recording was made possible through technology that allowed Lisa Marie’s vocals to be added to the original track.

The resulting duet is a moving tribute to both the song’s emotional themes and the enduring legacy of Elvis Presley as a country music icon. Lisa Marie’s vocals blend seamlessly with her father’s, creating a haunting and beautiful rendition of the song.

The duet also highlights the special bond between a father and daughter, as Lisa Marie sings the lyrics “Daddy, you still got me and little Tommy, together we’ll find a brand new mommy.” This poignant moment adds an extra layer of emotional depth to the already powerful song.

Overall, the “Don’t Cry Daddy” duet by Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie Presley is a touching tribute to both the power of a great song and the love between a father and daughter.

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