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Johnny Tillotson performs a rendition of Ernest Ashworth’s sole number one track.

Whenever I listen to any of these old country classics they put me in a better place.

“Talk Back Trembling Lips” is a classic country song by Johnny Tillotson, released in 1963. The song was written by John D. Loudermilk, and it became a hit on both the country and pop charts.

The song is a ballad that speaks of the pain and heartbreak that comes with unrequited love. Tillotson’s voice is emotive and sincere as he sings of a lover who can’t help but feel hurt and betrayed by the one they love. Some of the most memorable lyrics from the song include:

“Talk back trembling lips, shaky legs don’t just stand there Don’t let her know that she’s getting through To you Talk back trembling lips, burning eyes don’t start crying Heart don’t let her know that you’re breaking in two”

The song features a simple yet effective arrangement, with Tillotson’s voice front and center. The lyrics are straightforward and poignant, conveying the depth of emotion that comes with unrequited love.

“Talk Back Trembling Lips” has become a classic country song, and it remains a favorite among Johnny Tillotson fans. The song’s timeless message about the pain of unrequited love has resonated with generations of listeners.

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