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Kelly Clarkson’s rendition of ‘The Dance’ causes Garth Brooks to cry.

Country music icon Garth Brooks is known for his emotive ballads, but there’s one song that always seems to get him choked up: “The Dance”. Written by Tony Arata, the song became Brooks’ signature hit in 1990 and has remained a staple of his catalog ever since. However, it’s not just Brooks who finds himself moved by the tune – fellow artist Kelly Clarkson has also been known to bring audiences to tears with her powerful rendition.

Clarkson first performed “The Dance” during an appearance on American Idol in 2002, shortly after winning the show’s inaugural season. Her heartfelt performance earned rave reviews from judges and viewers alike, and even prompted a response from Brooks himself. In a message posted to his website, he praised Clarkson’s interpretation of the song and expressed his gratitude for the impact it had on her.

Since then, Clarkson has continued to perform “The Dance” at various live events over the years, often introducing it as one of her favorite songs. And while she may not have initially set out to make Brooks cry, her emotional delivery of the lyrics has proven to be incredibly moving for both the audience and the singer himself.

In interviews, Brooks has spoken at length about the personal significance of “The Dance”, which was inspired by the loss of a close friend. He has described the song as a reminder to treasure every moment in life, even when faced with heartache and uncertainty. It’s a sentiment that clearly resonates with both him and Clarkson, as they continue to share the song with fans around the world.

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